Hello Bucket Head!

Bucket Head has been designed with horse and human in mind!


Every Bucket Head has patent-pending features including:

  • A flexible lip that goes along the back to keep feed from spilling out should your horse toss their head
  • One of a kind Safety Break Away Straps that will release from the bucket should it get caught or tangled on something AND the best part is–it can be easily reinserted for your next use!  No tools necessary and your strap isn’t broken.
  • Ability to be adjusted to fit a variety of sizes (specialty sizes available as well)
  • Inside label to write horse’s name and daily feed rations
  • Ventilation holes for added air flow

…Two Ways to Wear BucketHead

Single Strap–quick and simple to use

After proper fit adjustments, the single strap slides on and off over the ears like a bridle.

Sing Strap with Throat Latch

Adding the throat latch prevents the bucket from being shaken off–great for horses with vigorous eating habits or head shaking during meal time.

See our video of Bullet for a great example of when a throat latch is necessary.

Using the throat latch can also be helpful when a horse may have to endure some pests trying to get to their share.  Example picture below:

  ‘No sharing around here!’

Label to write horse’s name and feed rations–great when filling multiple buckets for multiple horses.

Ventilation holes for added air-flow while eating.

So, why are these better than feed bags?

How are they not better than feed bags??  Let’s just list a few feed bag drawbacks:

  • Feed bags are unsanitary.  Have you ever tried cleaning a feed bag? Yuck.  Feed gets smashed into the fibers of the bag which are nearly impossible to clean.  This causes them to get smelly and moldy and what horse wants that over their nose?
    Bucket Heads can be easily sanitized just by using soap and water.  They don’t get smelly.  Great for horses who need a wet mash for their feed and for horses who make their feed into slop as they chew.
  • Feed bags are not made for all weather elements. Try feeding your horse from a feed bag in the mud or snow.  Your horse’s feed now has mud seeping through the bag and afterwards you you have a soaking wet, dripping muddy bag.  Now you’re forced to somehow scrub and clean and hope it’s dry by your next feeding.  If it’s winter, you’ll now have a frozen bag, “Yay!”…said nobody, ever.
    When using Bucket Head –you can simply hose it off and you’re done.  Your horse had a nice clean, dry meal and your Bucket Head is ready for the next feeding.
  • Feed bags aren’t as safe.  Feed bags are not designed to break-away, they simply break.  Unless you have an industrial sewing machine and the time to try and sew it back together, it’s now trash. That’s money down the drain, and nobody likes that.
    Bucket Head has a patent-pending specialty designed ‘Break Away Strap Attachment’ that will break free under force but then can be reinserted, with no tools necessary, to be ready for your next feeding.
  • Feed spills out of bags.  This is simple, yet costly–horse tosses head–grain falls out.
    Bucket Heads are the only feed buckets with a specifically engineered, patent-pending flexible lip that moves with your horse’s jaw as they eat.  This prevents feed from spilling out should they toss their head.
  • Feed bags are hard to organize.  When using feed bags to feed multiple horses it can be hard to keep track of who’s bag goes to who.
    Using a Bucket Head, there is a label to write the horse’s name AND feed ration for easy organization.  It’s also removable so you can put a new one on if you need to change the information.
  • Feed bags don’t have good air flow.  Feed bags, typically made of a fabric material, collapse around the horse’s nose and typically go higher up the horse’s nose as well.  This creates less airflow and the horse can feel more confined as they are eating.
    Bucket Head, being a bucket, doesn’t collapse at all and keeps its form.  There are also added ventilation holes at the front for excellent air flow and a pleasant dining experience.