Our Story

Bucket Head was developed by life-long horse owner, Kimber Virus of Omaha, Nebraska.  Owning a horse boarding business herself, she quickly discovered the great need for a product that can deliver individualized feed, medications and supplements to horses in a variety of situations such as: in a herd group setting, sloppy eaters with poor teeth, horses needing a wet mash, while traveling and camping or even a broodmare and foal who need separate feeds.

After trying several different methods (feed bags, stalling horses, playing horse police during meal times, over the fence feeders, etc.) and having those all fall short of fixing the problem she decided she would have to take matters into her own hands—and that’s when Bucket Head was born!

All the horses at her barn soon became her initial prototype testers.  Having a variety of breeds, ages and most of all- personalities, they helped her to develop buckets that would work for all!  From a senior horse with poor teeth who loses grain as he chews, to a head tosser who throws his head as he eats, to the dominate herd leader and everywhere in between— they gave her many different experiences to perfect the Bucket Head.

Once her initial prototype was developed, she made over 30 buckets and had over 60 horses and users test them out for months.  Listening to their valuable feedback she critiqued the buckets even more.

NOW is the exciting part as Bucket Head makes its way to its first manufactured run!  Excitement for Bucket Head has spread nationally and soon, you can have a Bucket Head of your own!